Archethought Shepherd

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Archethought Shepherd

Transform Your Business Through Knowledge

Where IS Everybody?!?

When your customers and employees are invisible, value is invisible. For customers and employees inside your facilities who are shopping, working, living, and playing, Archethought Shepherd™ records locations quickly, easily, and accurately over time, enabling creative new service, engagement, and safety opportunities. Unlike vision-based and proprietary solutions, our Bluetooth solution is low cost and deploys quickly. You can launch and learn today!

Platform Summary

Archethought solves indoor positioning (micro-location) problems by locating people and assets with high accuracy. Using tools developed for space exploration, Archethought Shepherd™ innovates by combining open source sensor systems with cloud-based algorithms to capture, process and visually display locations and tracks.


To improve services, retail, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries need accurate in-building location. Where should a new product be placed in a retail location? Where are the staff during rounds? Are employees in dangerous areas?

  • Existing solutions are not accurate enough to create actionable data
  • It is difficult to create value from closed data without costly expertise
  • High capital cost and closed systems discourage deeper innovation


Archethought Shepherd™ uses “internal geo-fences” to know when customers are in a key campaign zone, when nurses visit patients, or when workers enter danger zones. You can react instantly to serve customers better, demonstrate regulatory compliance, and improve safety.

  • Sensors are open source, low cost, and easy to deploy
  • High accuracy positioning uses smartphones or iBeacons
  • Simple, easy to use data processing uses web-based dashboard


Contact us to learn about Archethought Shepherd™ and how you can reach your customers with an industry leading, creative solution. With your help, we will change your industry.


What is different from available solutions?
We give you the data, accurately, that you already own. Most commercial systems prohibit you from seeing your actual data.

Is this more accurate than existing solutions?
Yes. Existing solutions are only accurate to multiple meters; Shepherd™ is accurate to 1 meter or less.

Why is this better than existing solutions?
Industry standard protocols and widely available iBeacon technology help customers avoid proprietary hardware lock-in. Start now with a smartphone app. No proprietary tags needed.

Will my customers use a smartphone app?
Yes. Remember when you didn’t have a smartphone, GPS, and navigation? We’re repeating history.

Are the display solutions customizable?
Yes. Our dashboard gives you building block capability to rapidly build and test your own solution workflows. All blocks are reusable increasing your innovation potential while freeing your team from data drudgery.