Intelligence from Smart Infrastructure

Archethought delivers simpler informatics

Smart Infrastructure amount to zettabytes of data per year. 

Contact us and learn how we change data overload, into conversation and opportunity.

Our solutions create better decisions from smarter infrastructure.

As ecosystems get smarter, a tsunami of data is generated yet not understood. How do we go from being overwhelmed to being informed?

With Archethought, data's power extends outside them realm of experts, unlocking creativity and value creation.

Data sources can include devices, sensors, connected systems, networks and HUMAN input from observations and interactions.

Data is published to a messaging hub, allowing secure exchange of information between credentialed stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Your domain experts create data transformation building blocks which can be combined and used by everyone to explore new questions and analysis.

Analysis can run continuously or on demand to provide insights to large data streams or point-int-time observations.

Data management allows retrospective and time series analysis, enabling insights to be applied to future conditions.

Unlock power and creativity and create value by democratizing access to data.

Attainable Hardware

Capitalizing on IoT innovations in a hyper-connected world, our hardware solutions are low-cost and attainable, ensuring that in spending less you get more.

Simple To Use

User experience is key to adoption, our solutions are designed to address pain points simply, quickly, and with universal access to all, turning data into conversations, and opportunities.

Ridiculously Scalable

Our product development strategy focuses on scalable or "high impact" innovations to solve real-world problems, our system brings exceptional ROI in its adaptability, and scalability. 

Real Ground Truth 

Combining multiple sensors, data science, with artificial intelligence, our solutions deliver insights based upon direct observation of facts, rather then inference. 

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