Archethought: Solving complex organizational problems

Enable better, big picture decision making

Share in-house wisdom and explore outcomes 

With Archethought, learn, communicate and automate

Bring it on!

As systems become more complex, attention should focus on human needs.

Archethought seeks to change the way complex systems serve civic and enterprise communities.

Does your company manage large streams of data from multiple sources in varying formats? With Archethought MetroBus™, information is captured, transformed and published, allowing fast, secure information flow to credentialed stakeholders.

Using Archethought Composer™, subject matter experts create and share building blocks for transformation. Business leaders create workflows, using building blocks to directly explore new questions, arrive at key insights and make better decisions.

Analysis can run continuously or on-demand against large streams or point-in-time observations. Data management allows retrospective and time series analysis, enabling insight to be applied to future conditions.

Unlock the power of expanded observations and outcomes.

Ridiculously Scalable

Our system handles terabytes of constantly streaming data from systems and sensors. Cloud architecture enables instant expansion of needed resources to capture and accommodate change.

Simple To Use

User experience is key to adoption. Our solutions are designed to address pain points simply, quickly, and with universal access to all. We turn data into conversations, insights, and opportunities.

Attainable Hardware

Our hardware and sensor solutions are low cost and attainable, ensuring that in spending less you get more. Hardware integration is our proven specialty.

Real Ground Truth 

Direct observation of fact rather than inference allows better, big picture decision making. Building on your experts’ data blocks, management can drive analysis and reveal insights buried in the data.

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