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Archethought helps civic and enterprise communities manage complexity.

We seek to solve some of the hardest human problems through the Archethought Internet of Relationships™.

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Human Relationships

We believe human relationships are the key to successful systems. Today, technology for serving people often focuses on technology and not the people. What would it be like if we changed from serving technology to serving people?

Learning as the Outcome

What if learning was the ultimate goal, while providing improved service? When funding is provided to programs, all eyes turn to an ultimate outcome to declare success. This often leads to one-off programs that leave no lasting footprint, no lasting benefits.

Easy Adoption

Everyone who uses these systems must find a natural, easy path to better service. We've taken this to heart and are developing an onboarding process that address providers, users and beneficiaries with a thoughtful approach to making things easy.


By addressing everyone as if they had the most complex situation, we can help prevent the runarounds that exhaust the most vulnerable. In a world of relentless cost pressures, would you rather solve a costly problem, or prevent it from ever happening?

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